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Welcome to Luminosity & Sunshine

Designer, maker, upcycler… fabric, trims and paper hoarder… user of discarded things which I turn into quirky original pieces..

Earlier this week I launched my first ever “Finding Your Creativity” workshop. I will be hosting FYC at the vibrant Croft Myl in Halifax in the funky purple meeting room. A two-hour relaxed workshop where you will meet like-minded people. We will talk and inspire each other within a group to identify the blocks that are holding you back. With guidance you will create a vision board to help you focus on your future creative self. There will be cake!

My passion for finding and nurturing my own creativity resurfaced when I became pregnant with my little boy. I had to start with a blank canvas in more ways than one. If you’d like to listen or read more about my own very personal story, here’s a link to a wonderful project I have recently been involved in… 100 voices for 100 years.

I am passionate about helping others to find their creativity because I know how hard it can be to juggle everything that life throws at you in this fast-paced digital world. Being creative allows me to slow down. The process of working with my hands to create something tangible has a more positive effect on my body and mind than when I enter the unnatural digital world. Creativity helps me to find balance in my life.

I’ve spent the last few years expanding my skill base by attending lots of workshops and have seen the positive effects that group work has on my own wellbeing and others around me. In this modern “social” media world we may not always get chance to be very social in real life. Social media is a great way to connect to a wider network and has many positives, but it doesn’t fulfil the human need to be present with other humans, talking, connecting, sharing, listening. Creating and sparking ideas through a shared experience. I leave a workshop feeling like my soul has been nourished by the conversations, connections and new networks I have made.

To book on to my FYC workshop it’s £20 per person. For more details and to buy a ticket click here to go straight to my shop page. You can purchase a ticket easily with the fantastic Stripe payment system. I chose this payment system over Paypal because they are kinder to businesses and more ethical than Paypal. Did I mention there will be cake?!

If you want to keep in the loop, then click on the Facebook event page Finding Your Creativity for further updates.

If you have a friend who you think would like to come along too please feel free to share with them on social media… it does have its benefits!

See you soon!


Lucy x

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