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Welcome to Luminosity & Sunshine

Designer, maker, upcycler… fabric, trims and paper hoarder… user of discarded things which I turn into quirky original pieces..



My passion is to inspire and bring light to other peoples lives through my creativity.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

I started experimenting and upcycling in my shared studio 2 years ago… broken lampshades, charity shop furniture, shoe boxes… basically anything that didn’t move got decoupaged, chalk painted, glittered, spray painted and glue gunned. I coined the term “creative innovator” because I look at something and think how can I change this into something else… how can I make it different and unique?

Sometimes it can be hard to cling to the positive things in life. Through my own challenges and life events I’ve learned to find the light… even on the darkest days. I hope my words and creations will inspire you to do the same.