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Welcome to Luminosity & Sunshine

Designer, maker, upcycler… fabric, trims and paper hoarder… user of discarded things which I turn into quirky original pieces..



Finding my creativity again (lost in the wilderness for many years) happened when I became pregnant with my little boy. My sacral chakra and creative brain went into overdrive and all I wanted to do was create “things”. I had created a living and breathing human being (after a long and painful journey) so what next?! I felt anything was possible… in my sleep deprived haze.

Serendipity landed at my door when the opportunity arose to share a studio…
I leapt at this chance. I felt I wanted to create something for me and my little family. I didn’t yet know what but that was the exciting and slightly daunting bit.
I just knew I had to grab this opportunity with both hands and run with it… destination unknown.

Our beautiful little boy is my biggest inspiration. He has brought a rainbow of colour into our lives. I love upcycling practical things that he will also gain enjoyment from and that make our family life run a little smoother. I recently upcycled an old vintage easel… chalk paint colour chosen and a few brushstrokes applied by my little apprentice. Nurturing creativity in the next generation.